Manoly's has been serving Thai food for twenty five years. Following a stunning transformation all the way from Thailand in 2010 Manoly's has been put back on the map to spice up Southend.

Unique and Fresh

A marriage of centuries-old Eastern and Western influences harmoniously combined into a unique blend of fresh, hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours.

Traditional surroundings

Manager Mée Wolff explains "We really wanted the restaurant to be a totally authentic experience - all the staff are Thai, so we needed the surroundings to match. whilst the building work was going on I was at Chiang Mai in Thailand, picking out wood carvings, decorations, tableware - in fact absolutely everything you will see in the restaurant - and having it shipped back to the UK."

Something for everyone

At Manoly's we really do have something for everyone, whatever their preference. From wonderfully powerful curries to stir fried dishes for those who don't like spicy food but enjoy a light blend of delicate flavours. Our cooking is incredibly healthy, made from fresh ingredients and to the very highest standard. Aferall, you are our guest and we want to make you comfortable, happy and to leave us feeling that you really have had a true taste of Thailand.