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Our Food

At Manoly’s a wide range of exquisite dishes are served by charming and attentive Thai staff.
Here’s a few of our favourites. To start, why not try the Khanom Jeeb, a mixture of steamed Pork and Prawn Dumplings, topped with a Sweet Soy Sauce, or See Krong Moo, Spare ribs slowly marinated in Dark Rum and Cider, before seasoned and grilled?
Manoly’s specialities are Hoi Malaeng Pou – New Zealand Green Lip Mussels cooked in White Wine, Chilli, Garlic and Ginger with Sweet Basil, an excellent start to any meal.

For vegetarians, try the Som Tum, an irresistible Papaya Salad – combining Green Papaya, shredded and mixed with crushed Garlic, Chilli and Tomato, seasoned with a Lime Juice. Siew Tofu is another must try, thanks to it’s combination of flavours and textures – fresh Bean Curd is stir fried with vegetables in a light Soy Sauce – it rewards everyone who orders it.

Thai cooking is renowned for it’s soups and with good reason. Tom Kha Gai is a stunning Coconut based example, with shredded Chicken, lemongrass, Galanga (similar to Ginger) and chopped Coriander.
Manoly’s offers a wide selection of Chicken, Beef, Pork, Duck, Fish, Prawn and Vegetarian main courses. Massaman is a luxurious Beef curry in rich Coconut cream with Peanut and Potato. Pa ad Pik Kheing is an exciting blend of stir fried Chicken, Beef or Pork cooked in Ginger Spice Chilli with Green Beans, while Plaa Goong is a simple dish that takes grilled Tiger Prawns, adds a squeeze of lime juice and cooks them with fresh herbs and sweet hot Chilli Sauce.

Seafood lovers will also enjoy the Pla Neuk Kritiem, lightly coated Squid seasoned with Garlic and Peppercorn. Kaeng Bet Ya ang is a true Thai classic, boneless roast Duck in red curry with sweet Basil.

Don’t forget to complete your order with Thai fragrant Boiled Rice or one of the wide selection of noodle dishes Manoly’s offers – the most popular is Pa ad Thai, a bowl of rice noodles fried with Tiger Prawns, chicken or vegetables, crushed peanuts and served in a sweet lime sauce.
Whatever you choose you’re sure to leave wanting to try more dishes from the extensive menu.